Nov. 12, 2020

Marissa Streit on Exodus 20:7 – “The Third Commandment: The Unforgivable Sin of Expropriating God’s Name” - S1E92

Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU, is Mark’s very special guest on the podcast today. A Los Angeles native, Marissa moved to Israel at a young age, where she completed her primary education and served in military intelligence of the Israeli Defense Force. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from UCLA, a master’s degree in Education and Non-Profit Management from American Jewish University, and joined PragerU, one of the most respected, go-to resources for conservative ideas, in 2011. The passage she has chosen to discuss with Mark today is Exodus 20:7.

Marissa begins by reciting the passage in both Hebrew and English, and focuses on its translation of ‘carry God’s name’ as the basis for the meaning it holds for her. She and Mark then explore why this is one of the most important of the Ten Commandments, the significance of these Commandments having been given outside of Israel, and the current occurrences of people doing horrible things in God’s name – the one unforgivable sin. They also examine people’s need for meaning in their lives, as well as the dangers of creating God in our image and pursuing ‘Godly causes’ of our own design. Marissa finishes up by sharing the lessons about humankind that she has learned, leading to a further discussion of God’s love of diversity in people.

Episode Highlights:

· Marissa’s reading of the passage in both Hebrew and English and its meaning for her · ‘Carry God’s name’ · Why it is one of the most important commandments · The significance of the Ten Commandments being given outside of Israel · People doing horrible things in God’s name in current times · The one unforgivable sin · Craving a craving · Creating God in our image · The dangers of substituting yourself, your cause, or your belief for God · The lessons that Marissa has learned about humankind · The four different personality types – eagles, parrots, doves, and owls · God’s love of diversity


“You cannot use My name to do something bad.”

“Possibly one of the most important commandments and that is because if people allow themselves to use God’s name to do evil, what kind of a world are we going to be living in?”

“God doesn’t want us to do horrible things to other people in His name.”

“These are rules for humanity, not just rules for people of Israel.”

“That’s the one unforgivable sin – to use My name to do evil.”

“Just within the first few commandments, we’re given a true…prediction of what happens in an atheist or a world that moves away from the Ten Commandments.”

“Everybody yearns for God.”

“You should not replace God with literally anything.”

“More Bible and more Torah, specifically, is good for everybody on both sides to just remind each other that you should not do evil things to other people in the name of what you believe is a Godly cause.”

“Can you imagine what a beautiful community we would have if we could just say…’I may not agree with you, but…respect you…and I can learn from you’?”

“A little more humility on all sides will bring us together and will bring us peace.”

“Everyone I see, I can learn from.”

“All humans need different perspectives always in their lives.”

“Understanding that humans function in such different ways has been very helpful to me.”

Exodus 20:7 You shall not swear falsely by the name of the LORD your God; for the LORD will not clear one who swears falsely by His name.


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