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Loving this Podcast

Where else can you go to hear Imam Mohamad Jebara and Tucker Carlson where both are treated with dignity, respect, and a true desire to learn. I will continue to listen and hopefully allow myself to learn. I would highly recommend this podcast.

Terrific podcast

There are truly great discussions of the Torah and Bible here — Mark and his guests show how these passages are always interesting and so relevant to our lives today.

Loving this show!

Cannot recommend this enough. It’s interesting, insightful, and incisive. Definitely give it a listen!!

A brilliantly constructed contemporary discussion on Judaism

Insightful, out of the box thinking with truly unique practical thoughts on modern day judaism. Most importantly- Mark, the Rabbi’s husband, asks the right questions in today’s complex universe.

What a find!

The Rabbi’s Husband feels conversational, educational and timely. I appreciate how in 30 minutes or less we learn about an interesting guest, how it focuses on a passage and how the conversation flows. Thank you!