About The Rabbi's Husband

Mark Gerson is an entrepreneur who founded and seeded multiple multibillion dollar companies with more being created each year. He also co-founded African Mission Healthcare that partners with Christian missionary doctors to provide clinical care, infrastructure and training for the poor in Africa. In this role he's thought of as the single largest donor to Christians medical missions around the world!
Mark is also the co-founder and Chairman of United Hatzalah, the crowd-sourced network of volunteer medics that save people's lives in the two minutes that separate life from death.
Mark is, in every sense, "The Rabbi's Husband." He is married to Rabbi Erica Gerson -- and they live in New York City, with their four children. 
 Mark also is the author of the national best-selling book "The Telling: How Judaism's Essential Book Reveals the Meaning of Life."  This book is packed with astonishing teachings and revelations that culminate in the Jewish meaning of life.

The goal of The Rabbi’s Husband is to help us all discover the Torah in the way that Moses intended. In Deuteronomy 10, Moses says what God wants of us: “To walk in all of his ways...[and] observe the commandments of Hashem, which I command you today, for your benefit.”

That’s it! The Torah is given “for our benefit.” It exists to help and guide us in “all of our ways” — in everything we do. And it is ready to do so “today.” We just have to allow it to do so.

The purpose of this site is to help us be guided by the Torah — in everything that we do, in all that we are.

Pay it forward

I will cover all costs associated with this site. If anyone is inspired by what they learn here — I encourage the knowledge of the Talmud's directive: "Charity [really: righteous giving] is equal in importance to all other commandments combined." One of the Jewish lessons that will emerge throughout this site is that, in Judaism, cognition is always associated with action. The Torah tells us that, "Adam knew his wife," and that "God remembered Noah." It is not as if Adam was just being acquainted with Eve, or that God had forgotten that he had put Noah, his family and the animals in the ark to escape the flood that engulfed the earth. It is just that "knowing something" is only recognized when the commensurate action is taken.

Please, then, join me in honoring the Torah by saving lives and ameliorating pain of people in their most vulnerable moments through donations to United Hazalah and African Mission Healthcare. And if anyone would like to discuss either — please email me.

A word about myself

I am a real Rabbi’s Husband! My wife, Erica, is the Rabbi. I am the co-founder of GLG and several other companies. I am also the co-founder and Chairman of United Hatzalah of Israel — the crowd-sourced system of volunteer first response that enables Israelis to be treated within the three minutes that separate life from death following a trauma. I am also the co-founder and Chairman of African Mission Healthcare, which supports the work of Christian medical missionaries who supply the indispensable source of care for the African poor.