June 14, 2020

Bishop Robert Stearns on Numbers 13:1-33 -- "Caleb, The First Political Zionist"

Welcome to The Rabbi’s Husband podcast where your host, Mark Gerson, meets with fellow seekers of biblical truth to unearth the inspiring, instructive, and highly practical wisdom of Torah passages. Mark’s guest this week is Bishop Robert Stearns, founder and leader of Eagles’ Wings, a parachurch ministry focusing on creating and strengthening the bonds between Christian leaders and the State of Israel physically, spiritually, and holistically.

In this episode, Mark and Robert discuss Caleb, the first political Zionist, the lessons to be learned from the Bible and Caleb’s role particularly, and the parallels Robert finds between Caleb and his own work today. They also reflect upon the power of Jewish-Gentile friendship and cooperation, especially in current times, and Robert shares some lessons he has learned during his lengthy career as a Pastor. As Mark notes, “Everything in the Bible is trying to teach us something about how we can live our lives better and more meaningfully today”, and you can rest assured that the wealth of insight and knowledge shared in this episode offers a formidable step forward in this profoundly rewarding journey of discovery.

Episode Highlights:

Caleb’s first appearance in the Torah and the lesson it offers The power that the Bible possesses The Ereb Rab Robert’s work in the world today Jewish-Gentile friendship and cooperation Some lessons Robert has learned as a pastor


“The Torah is living and active.”

“One of the great gifts of the Jewish people to the world is this understanding of an ordered universe under the care and auspices of a benevolent, good Creator God.”

“Caleb is the archetype of the Gentile who links himself to the spiritual journey.”

“Israel…you are well able to have a thriving, blessed society in your ancient borders because God has ordained this.”

“We’re living in a moment that has great continuity all the way back to Caleb and Joshua of Jewish and Gentile cooperation around ethical monotheism.”

Numbers 13:1-33 The LORD spoke to Moses, saying, “Send men to scout the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the Israelite people; send one man from each of their ancestral tribes, each one a chieftain among them.” So Moses, by the LORD’s command, sent them out from the wilderness of Paran, all the men being leaders of the Israelites. https://www.sefaria.org/Numbers.13.1-3?lang=bi&aliyot=0


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