Nov. 9, 2020

Pastor Freddy Washington Jr. on Genesis 50 – “Forgiveness: Being Given, Being Received and What We Learn from Both” - S1E90

Pastor Freddy Washington Jr. is Mark’s very special guest on the podcast this week. Freddy is a worship leader and songwriter who began his career in music production and later garnered Grammy, Stellar and Dove Award nominations for production with several artists in Gospel and Christian music. He has traveled throughout the world, leading worship and preaching the Gospel message of hope, and has also released his own full-length album entitled ‘The Jesus Record’. The text he has chosen to discuss with Mark is Genesis 50.

The conversation starts off with Freddy sharing his summary of the passage, its significance for him, and the demonstration of God’s favor on Joseph’s life found within it. He and Mark then embark upon an extensive discussion regarding forgiveness, including its invention, the lessons from the text regarding it, its divine nature, and why it is so very necessary these days. They also explore the notions of God working in every moment of our lives, His greater plan for each of us, the stupidity of lying, and Joseph’s transformation. As every guest does, Freddy draws the episode to a close by sharing the lessons he has learned about humankind. Given the current state of the world, today’s conversation eliciting this text’s eternal lesson regarding how to respond to those who wrong you, could not be more timely.

Episode Highlights:

· Freddy’s summary of the passage and its significance for him · God’s favor on Joseph’s life · The invention of the idea of forgiveness · What this passage teaches about how to treat those who wrong us · The divine nature of forgiveness and why it is so necessary these days · God’s greater plan for us · The stupidity of lying · Joseph’s transformation · God working in every moment of our lives · The lessons that Freddy has learned about humankind


“His greatness, even though he’s a Jew, is acknowledged by the Egyptians.”

“God, He does want us to mourn, and I think it’s healthy.”

“Joseph invents forgiveness.”

“The notion of forgiveness is so counterintuitive, it’s almost divine. It almost has to come from God because it makes no sense.”

“You can very easily respond to evil with evil without God, but it really does take the power of God to respond to evil with love and forgiveness and genuine forgiveness. “

“He engages in an act of reframing.”

“None of us know what God has earmarked us for.”

“This was all part of God’s plan.”

“We have the luxury of hindsight…but he didn’t.”

“The fingerprints of God were all over every moment of Joseph’s life, just orchestrating and handcrafting this story that I think would speak to us today.”

“God’s been with me all along.”

“It’s so hard for us to remember just that God’s with us in the day-to-day.”

“God you can have every part of my life…that’s the best way to live.”

“Surrender everything you’ve got to God.”

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