Nov. 2, 2020

Ryan Williams on Psalms 23– “Our Ultimate Shepherd”

Technology entrepreneur, Ryan Williams, is Mark’s guest on the podcast this week. Having started his first business at age 13, Ryan went on to graduate from Harvard College, and is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Cadre, a highly successful online marketplace that provides institutions and individuals access to previously inaccessible quality real estate and alternative investment opportunities. Along the way, he has worked at The Blackstone Group in its real estate private equity division, and at Goldman Sachs in its technology, media, and telecom group. The passage he has chosen to discuss today is Psalms 23.

Ryan begins by reciting the passage and sharing its significance for him, which finds its roots in his childhood. He and Mark then explore the significance of David’s experience as a shepherd, particularly in elucidating the sheep-shepherd relationship, the passage’s interwoven themes, and the enlightening context provided by the actual criteria for sheep to ‘lie down’. Ryan then reveals how his experience as a CEO has impacted his faith, describes his personal relationship with God, and recounts an absolutely beautiful moment when he was moved by God to speak at his grandfather’s funeral. As is the tradition on the podcast, our guest concludes by sharing the lessons he has learned about humankind. Ryan’s passionate tale of how this passage, ‘one of the most well known pieces of human thought’, has been an intimate part of his life from childhood to present day, influencing the way he works and leads his company, provides yet another striking example of the guiding and inspiring power of the Bible in the world and in our lives.

Episode Highlights:

  • · Ryan’s recitation and summary of today’s passage
  • · Its significance for him
  • · The significance for this passage of David being a shepherd
  • · The passage’s two interwoven themes
  • · The sheep-shepherd relationship
  • · The criteria for sheep to lie down
  • · How Ryan’s experience as a CEO has impacted and defined his faith
  • · His deeply personal relationship with God and hearing his voice
  • · Ryan’s eulogy for his grandfather
  • · The lessons about humankind that Ryan has learned


“This is the first psalm, first verse I ever memorized growing up, you know, something my dad made sure I memorized and had to recite in front of my church and he had done as well.”

“The perfect reading for anyone looking for comfort in the midst of a storm from a very deeply personal place.”

“We oftentimes think that we’re walking alone.”

“When there’s a shadow, there’s always light.”

“The ultimate shepherd is always there for me.”

“I make sure our team doesn’t get too high or too low.”

“It’s universal and I’m trying to make sure that I apply these lessons David has, as the shepherd to my flock, to my sheep, at Cadre.”

“Faith was the thing my family always leaned on, and I could lean on, and that goes back generations.”

“You have to be open to it.”

“They saw a child go up there and speak from a place of love and care, and someone that was inspired by God.”

“We’re all a lot more similar than different.”

“Open dialogue and conversation can solve a lot.”

“We’re all sheep and our ultimate shepherd is the Lord.”

“Our ability to come together under Him, with Him, for Him, I believe will lead to greater prosperity, fulfillment and love for all – something we all want.”

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