Oct. 19, 2020

Harry Hargrave on Psalms 19 – “The Living Word”

This week, Mark is delighted to welcome Harry Hargrave, the Chief Executive Officer for the Museum of the Bible, to the podcast. After spending over 45 years in finance, marketing and business operations, Harry found the site, obtained DC approvals and oversaw the planning and development process for this incredible Museum which is 430,000 square feet of rare and fascinating artifacts spanning 4,000 years of history. It is among the most technologically advanced and engaging museums in the world offering visitors an immersive and personalized experience with the Bible and its ongoing impact on the world around us. Harry is also the chairman of the Miracle of Nazareth International Foundation, chairman of the Christian Workers Foundation, and a founding elder of Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas. The passage he has chosen to discuss is Psalms 19.

Harry begins by sharing his summary of the passage, and its meaning for both himself and the Museum. He then describes how the Museum came to be created, the impact it has upon visitors, and its continued operation throughout the current pandemic. The artifacts, their ongoing discovery, and the process of establishing their provenance is discussed as well as the Museum’s extensive American Heritage section. Harry concludes the episode, as all guests do, with the lessons he has learned about humanity. As Mark notes, the work that Harry does through this remarkable Museum is “opening the Bible and opening the hearts of the Bible by making it so interesting and so accessible and so fun” - a noble achievement.

Episode Highlights:

  • · Harry’s summary of his selected passage and why it’s meaningful to him
  • · The Museum of the Bible and why this passage is important it
  • · How the Museum came to be created and its purpose
  • · What surprises Harry about people’s responses at the Museum
  • · How it is staying open during the current pandemic
  • · Bible artifacts and their ongoing discovery
  • · What Harry observes in people being introduced to the Bible
  • · How the Museum acquires artifacts and establishes their provenance
  • · The Museum’s American Heritage section
  • · The lessons that Harry has learned about mankind


“That’s a beautiful passage for people of all faiths, but especially the Jewish and Christian faith.”

“It’s the gift that keeps giving.”

“Would you come be a tour guide for us?”

“It’s the book that keeps talking to you.”

“It’s our job to show them the Bible, and encourage them to read the Bible, and give them reasons for that.”

“Archeological discoveries are still finding the Bible to be true and fulfilling the promises that God made to all of us.”

“It makes the Bible come alive when you go to Israel and spend one or two weeks there.”

“We want to tell the stories of how people see the value of the Bible throughout our world.”

“It’s an important part of the nation’s history and, of course, an entire subculture of the United States, and the world now.”

“What I see in mankind is a great ability to make mistakes, and a great ability to forgive themselves and one another.”

“It’s truly the Living Word…it seeks out your soul and just pierces you.”

Psalms 19 - https://www.sefaria.org/Psalms.19.1-15?lang=en&with=all&lang2=en


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