Oct. 13, 2020

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez on Psalms 89:15 – “Righteousness, Justice, Truth, and Love”

Mark is delighted to welcome Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), to the podcast today. In addition to his work in leading the world’s largest Hispanic Christian organization, Pastor Rodriguez is also a producer, best-selling author, civil rights activist, and television personality, who is widely regarded as one of America’s most influential voices. He has chosen a passage that Mark had not seen before, Psalms 89:15, to discuss today.

Pastor Rodriguez begins by summarizing the selected passage and sharing its meaning, in particular its emphasis upon the four qualities of righteousness, justice, truth and love. He and Mark then engage in an extensive analysis of these four qualities and how they are crucial to addressing so many issues in society, especially these days. They also look at the concepts of reconciling the messages of Billy Graham and Dr. King, the meaning of a beautiful orthodoxy, and the younger generation’s perspective on the four qualities. Pastor Rodriguez concludes their conversation by offering both the lessons he has learned about mankind, and his advice for future generations. In this fascinating discussion, Pastor Samuel Rodriguez reveals the extraordinary lessons and amazing applications of this passage to very real present day challenges, demonstrating yet again the eternal guidance that the Bible so richly provides.

Episode Highlights:

  • Pastor Rodriguez’s summary of the passage and what it means to him
  • Righteousness, justice, truth and love
  • Distinguishing between righteousness and justice
  • Mayor La Guardia’s example of righteousness and justice
  • Reconciling the messages of Billy Graham and Dr. King
  • Applying these four qualities in today’s world
  • The heart, the head, and the hand
  • Beautiful orthodoxy
  • The younger generation’s perspective on these qualities
  • The lessons about mankind which Pastor Rodriguez has learned
  • His advice for future generations


“If our communities would be built on righteousness and justice, truth and love, we would literally change the world.”

“These are the four qualities that are needed to govern, broadly defined, a complicated society.”

“I believe that biblical antidote is something we should be embracing now.”

“Righteousness is vertical, justice is horizontal.”

“Justice is not a political term to be exploited, it is a prophetic term to be lived out.”

“Justice is just righteousness applied.”

“Right now, I believe there is an assault on truth.”

“I would argue that we’re currently seeing the fulfillment of a Malcolm X movement rather than a Dr. King movement.”

“It is impossible to know God without first going through truth and love.”

“This is what the millennial and younger generation are yearning for.”

“Let’s reintroduce the four concepts that may very well serve as the catalyst for a movement that could transform this broken world.”

“The opposite is anarchy, it is chaos…we are this far away from things breaking out negatively, and we can prevent it by building a firewall of righteousness and justice, truth and love.”

“Over 90% of humanity never gets into the Promised Land.”

“Live a holy, healed, healthy, happy, humble, hungry, honoring life, and with that life you can change the world.”

Psalms 89:15 Righteousness and justice are the base of Your throne; steadfast love and faithfulness stand before You. https://www.sefaria.org/Psalms.89.15?lang=bi&with=all&lang2=en


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