Sept. 14, 2020

Pastor George Searight II on Numbers 13 – “Seeing Mountains or Stepping Stones”

Mark’s guest on the podcast today is Pastor George Searight II, the founding Pastor of Lifetime Community Church in Orlando, Florida, and Revival City Church in New Jersey. He and Mark met about a year ago through Eagles’ Wings in Jerusalem, and Mark has enjoyed the distinct honor of speaking at Revival City Church, an experience he cherishes dearly to this day. Pastor Searight has chosen to discuss Numbers 13 with Mark today.

He begins their conversation by sharing his summary of the chapter, its significance for him, and the lessons regarding imagination, seeing possibilities, and self-perception which the Torah teaches. Mark points out the irony to be found within the chapter, and together he and the Pastor explore the power both of our attitude toward challenges in our lives, and of Jews and Gentiles working together. They also discuss the notion of the ‘big vision’ and ‘daily vision’ that God gives us, and Pastor Seabright details his greatest hope and the reasons behind his love of the Shabbat dinner. Before concluding the episode with the lessons he has learned about mankind, Pastor Seabright provides a description of his Revival City Church, and the freedom afforded those who attend to respond to being ‘locked into the Lord’ in the manner that they choose. As you listen to this discussion today, you will be struck by the exuberance that Pastor Seabright brings to living out the lesson of this chosen chapter as he truly sees the possibilities that God has provided for him, and faithfully turns so many of life’s mountains into stepping stones.

Episode Highlights:

  • Pastor Searight’s summary of the passage and its significance for him
  • The Torah’s lessons on using imagination to see possibilities and self-perception
  • The irony of this story
  • The power of our own attitude toward challenges in our lives
  • Jews and Gentiles working together
  • God’s gift of ‘big vision’ and ‘daily vision’ for all of us
  • Pastor’s Searight’s greatest hope
  • His love of the Shabbat dinner
  • The freedom of Pastor Seabright’s church and being ‘locked into the Lord’
  • The lessons that he has learned about mankind


“This was a PR mission, it wasn’t a spy mission.”

“They took a two week trip and turned it into a forty year journey.”

“See the possibilities. See what God is up to.”

“You will never be able to overcome anything in life if you can’t overcome first how you see yourself.”

“We determine the size of the mountain in our life…we determine whether it’s a mountain or it’s a stepping stone.”

“Both Jew and Gentile have been working together throughout history to bring forth the manifestation of God’s promises and His Word…we see that again and again.”

‘Be of great courage.”

“We ought to be living every moment trying to fulfill the Ten Commandments.”

“A prisoner cannot free himself from prison.”

“It’s truly a life-giving mission to carry others’ burdens.”

“Enjoy the temporal, but give your life to something eternal.”

“We’re much more similar than different.”

“In order to truly…be a great husband and a great friend, I need my faith in the Lord.”

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