June 15, 2020

Sarah Hurwitz on Exodus 3:2-3 -- "When Moses Notices The Burning Bush"

Joining Mark on today’s episode is Sarah Hurwitz, a Harvard and Harvard Law School graduate who served as Michelle Obama’s Head Speechwriter from 2010-17, and who has been an advisor and writer for a number of other leading Democrat political leaders including Hilary Clinton, John Kerry, and Wesley Clark as well. Sarah is also the author of the magnificent book about Jewish life, ‘Here All Along: Finding Meaning, Spirituality, and a Deeper Connection to Life – in Judaism (After Finally Choosing to Look There)’, and has been named to The Forward’s ‘50 Most Influential Jewish Americans’ in 2016. The passage that Sarah has chosen to discuss with Mark on today’s episode is Exodus 3:2-3.

During their discussion, Sarah shares her reasons for writing her book, and engages with Mark in a detailed analysis of the selected passage. She also shares the many reasons behind her love for this passage, and together she and Mark explore the numerous ways that it is so very relevant for all of us today. Finally, Sarah offers two things that she has learned about mankind throughout her storied career. Today’s episode is a fascinating interview between two learned and highly articulate seekers of biblical truth whose words convey their shared appreciation of the Torah’s wisdom, instruction, revelation, and relevance in all of our lives.

Episode Highlights:

Sarah’s reasons for writing her book Her analysis of Exodus 3:2-3, why she loves it so much, and the ways in which it is relevant for us today Two things that Sarah has learned about mankind


“There was so much wisdom here for how to be a good person, how to lead a truly worthy and meaningful life, and how to find spiritual connection.”

“The corpus of Jewish learning is so interesting, so instructive, and so relevant.”

“That’s a thing that I love about Judaism is the human empowerment.”

“The entire project and process of Judaism is for us to continue hearing revelation in our own time.”

“When secular people say ‘special’ and religious people say ‘sacred’ they’re saying exactly the same thing.”

“God is everywhere you let Him in.”

Exodus 3:2-3 An angel of the LORD appeared to him in a blazing fire out of a bush. He gazed, and there was a bush all aflame, yet the bush was not consumed. Moses said, “I must turn aside to look at this marvelous sight; why doesn’t the bush burn up?” https://www.sefaria.org/Numbers.32.6?lang=bi&with=all&lang2=en


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