Aug. 17, 2020

Gordon P. Robertson on Genesis 24:62-64 – “Isaac and Rebecca Meet — and the World Changes Forever"

Mark is delighted to welcome his very good friend, Gordon Robertson, President and CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), to the podcast today. In addition to his CEO role, Gordon is also a co-host of CBN’s original flagship program, The 700 Club; the President of Operation Blessing, CBN’s humanitarian organization; the Executive Producer of CBN Films; and the Executive Producer of Superbook whose mission is to bring the stories of the Bible to the children of the world in their own languages. Gordon and CBN have also partnered with Mark’s African Mission Healthcare in strengthening Christian Mission Hospitals throughout Africa. The passage he has chosen to discuss with Mark today is Genesis 24:62-64.

Gordon’s love of all things Jewish and how this love began and was reinforced through events in his life begins the conversation today. He then shares his summary of the passage, why he chose it, and how it presents what he feels is the best family in the Bible. He and Mark also discuss the differing levels of action attributed to Isaac and Rebekah, and go into great detail about the Akedah, and how it impacted all involved. The lessons Gordon has learned about mankind and the prevalence of existential loneliness throughout the world today are explored as well. Gordon’s vast amount of experience in bringing the lessons of the Bible to life are on full display as he and Mark dive deeply into this passage, mining and distilling the meaning it holds for all of us in today’s world.

Episode Highlights:

  • Gordon’s love of all things Jewish and how this love began
  • His experience with cerebral malaria and Psalm 118
  • Gordon’s summary of the passage and his reasons for selecting it
  • The best family in the Bible
  • The contrast between Isaac and Rebekah’s level of action
  • The Akedah and its impact upon Abraham, Isaac, and Sarah
  • The lessons that Gordon has learned about mankind
  • The current prevalence of existential loneliness


“To see the prayers of the generations fulfilled right before my eyes – it was a profound moment.”

“I heard a voice behind me. It literally caused every cell in my body to vibrate.”

“Salvation is of the Jew.”

“You see a generational transfer…how very much the covenant of God is transmitted through family generation.”

“It teaches all we need to know about what to look for in a spouse.”

“True love deepens with commitment.”

“I’d argue it’s the best family in the Bible.”

“All people everywhere wonder if there’s somebody up there, that somebody cares about them, and if there’s a way to reach Him.”

“You have done more than anybody else to bring the Jewish and the Christian communities together and to show the commonalities that we have under God.”

Genesis 24:62-64 Isaac had just come back from the vicinity of Beer-lahai-roi, for he was settled in the region of the Negeb. And Isaac went out walking in the field toward evening and, looking up, he saw camels approaching. Raising her eyes, Rebekah saw Isaac. She alighted from the camel


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