Aug. 10, 2020

Kelvin Beachum on Daniel 6:5-10 – "Conviction and Commitment"

Today, Mark is delighted to welcome Arizona Cardinals offensive tackle, Kelvin Beachum, to the podcast. In addition to his highly successful football career, Kelvin has worked with a number of charities including Bread for the World, Feeding America, and World Vision, and has been nominated for the NFL’s Walter Payton Award as a result. Kelvin has chosen Daniel 6:5-10 to discuss with Mark.

In their discussion, Kelvin talks about his annual fast and his reasons for engaging in it, and he also shares his summary of today’s passage including the meaning it holds for him. Together, he and Mark analyze the message touting the importance of conviction and commitment in both the passage and in our lives, and the power of inspiring others through our actions, thus achieving what Mark terms ‘the great Jewish mission’. Kelvin also shares the lessons he has learned about mankind throughout his career and beyond. Today’s passage is all about committing to your faith and bringing that faith to life through actions – a theme with which Mark and Kelvin have an enormous amount of experience in their own lives.

Episode Highlights:

  • Kelvin’s annual fast
  • His summary of the passage and its meaning for him
  • Prioritizing prayer and committing to yourself and your God regardless of circumstances
  • The conviction and constancy of both Daniel and Joseph
  • Inspiring others by acting out your faith
  • Achieving the great Jewish mission
  • The lessons about mankind which Kelvin has learned


“Listening to God, I was begging for forgiveness, I was campaigning for strength in many areas of my life, and being in close communication with our Savior. It’s a must as more has been added to my plate.”

“You have to be content and okay with who you are, and you have to be committed to who you are.”

“It’s not about self-edification, it’s not about promoting ourselves. It’s about allowing the one God to work through us.”

“If you’re working out your faith, working out your own soul’s salvation daily, you don’t talk about it, it’s those around you that see it and they talk about it.”

“God rescues and saves.”

“The King is so inspired that he learns almost perfect theology just from observing Daniel’s actions.”

“People respond to actions so profoundly.”

“You have to love the stranger.”

Daniel 6:5-10 The ministers and satraps looked for some fault in Daniel’s conduct in matters of state, but they could find neither fault nor corruption, inasmuch as he was trustworthy, and no negligence or corruption was to be found in him.


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