Aug. 3, 2020

Pastor Jose Diaz on Genesis 2:3 -- “God’s First Lesson to Humanity”

Mark’s guest on the podcast today is his good friend Pastor Jose Diaz, whom he met two years ago as they journeyed together with Eagles’ Wings through Israel. The passage Jose has chosen to discuss with Mark is Genesis 2:3. Their conversation today revolves around the importance of the Sabbath, the difference in the way that Jews and Christians honor and observe it, and the fact that it is of paramount importance. Jose shares the struggles that Christian leaders encounter these days, and he and Mark explore the power of the Shabbat dinner for Jews and Christians alike. In essence, today’s episode is a call to understand the Torah definition of rest and to restore or maintain the sacredness of the Sabbath. Take the time today to stop, reflect, and contemplate with Mark and Jose about this first and great gift which God has given all of mankind. Episode Highlights:

The Torah’s definition of rest Stopping to take account of our lives Comparing the ways that Christians and Jews honor and celebrate the Sabbath The number one thing that Christian leaders struggle with Shabbat dinner God’s gift of the Sabbath to everybody and His first lesson to humanity The purposes of the Sabbath The lessons that Jose has learned about mankind Jose’s journey to Christianity


“He creates purposeful rest.”

“One day a week, I’ll only be conscious of God.”

“At some point you have to stop and contemplate, “What should I do next? How could I be better?’”

“The truth is this, for the most part today…I don’t believe that the biblical understanding and concept of rest, I don’t believe we’re seeing it in Christianity.”

“Because the Jews kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath kept the Jews.”

“If you get rid of something that’s a core part of the human experience, I think you lose a major element of what it means to be human…we’re seeing this all over the world.”

“It’s as though the Sabbath is calling all of us to it, and to God.”

“There’s so much more to life than what we can see right now.”

“Even…the worst among us can be saved, and can be loved.”

“My life was completely and radically transformed.”

Genesis 2:3 And God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy, because on it God ceased from all the work of creation that He had done.


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