Jan. 12, 2021

Boyd Matheson on 1 Samuel 17:48– “Ultimate Confidence”

Boyd Matheson, opinion editor at the Deseret News, is Mark’s very special guest on today’s episode. For over 25 years, Boyd has worked as a consultant, executive strategist and performance coach with global companies, and he has also served as Chief of Staff for US Senator Mike Lee, and is the former President of the Sutherland Institute. The passage Boyd has chosen to discuss with Mark today is 1 Samuel 17:48. Boyd begins their conversation by summarizing the passage, and sharing its significance for him which is based in its lesson about the nature of true confidence. He and Mark then delve into the biblical notion of humility, the crisis in confidence in today’s world, ‘light kindlers’, and servant leadership. Boyd also relates his perspective on the source of confidence, his love, and the love of the Mormon Church, for Judaism, Russell M. Nelson and his ability to transmit confidence, and the importance of remembering and learning. After a brief discussion about the power of little things in life, Boyd concludes the episode by sharing the lessons he has learned about humankind. The profound lessons offered in this short but powerful passage abound in today’s revealing and instructive conversation, holding great relevance for our world today. Episode Highlights:  · Boyd’s summary of the passage and its significance for him · True confidence · The biblical idea of humility · The crisis in confidence throughout the world today · ‘Light kindlers’ and sharing the light · Servant leadership · Boyd’s perspective on the sources of confidence · His love of Judaism · The importance of remembering and learning · The Mormon Church and their love of the Jewish people · Russell M. Nelson and his ability to transmit confidence · The impact of the little things in life · The lessons about humankind that Boyd has learned Quotes: “The focus of this is what happens just before the battle…David ran to meet Goliath!” “To me, confidence is never arrogance.” “True confidence comes when you have respect for the challenge.” “It comes from doing the hard work and heavy lifting that happens in our homes and it happens in our communities.” “If you have to declare it, you’re not it.” “There is power and strength and energy in that meekness, that humility.” “False confidence is equally a sin.” “We all should be thankful for those ‘light kindlers’.” “A real leader lights all the others.” “Every time I share, I have more.” “It’s God’s version of a ‘triple dog dare’.” “When you know God’s with you, that’s ultimate confidence.” “No one gets a generation off.” “Elephants don’t bite, but fleas do.” “There is great good to be had in every person.” “We’re all broken a little bit differently.”  1 Samuel 17:48 When the Philistine began to advance toward him again, David quickly ran up to the battle line to face the Philistine. https://www.sefaria.org/I_Samuel.17.48?lang=bi&with=all&lang2=en  Links: The Rabbi’s Husband homepage: The Rabbi's Husband Mark’s Twitter: Mark Gerson - The Rabbi's Husband (@markgerson) The Rabbi’s Husband Newsletter contact: daniel@therabbishusband.com

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