Nov. 30, 2020

Apostle Dwayne Hardin on Psalms 119:89 and Joshua 1:6-9– “Learning and Living the Torah”

Mark is delighted to welcome Apostle Dwayne Hardin to the podcast this week. Apostle Hardin is the founder and lead pastor of The Embassy Church and The Millennium Masters Inc, a global organization designed to effectively co-join the workings of the secular and sacred. He is also a public speaker, author, and musician, as well as a recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, which was given to him by President Barack Obama. The passages he has chosen to discuss today are Psalms 119:89 and Joshua 1:6-9. Apostle Hardin summarizes both of these passages and shares their deep significance for him demonstrated through his remarkable commitment to both learn about them and bring them to life everyday. He and Mark explore such topics as God’s settled speech, how to connect to God, the folly of creating God in our image, and the purpose behind writing out the Torah. Apostle Hardin also relates his ‘Moses-Joshua moment’, his perspective on the ‘curse of the Law’, how he developed such a love for all things Jewish, and the role that slavery played in the celebration of the Sabbath. He concludes the episode with the lessons that he has learned about humankind and teaching people to think. Woven throughout this magnificent conversation is Apostle Hardin’s passion for scripture and the power of engaging in discussions with others about it, which he feels leads to greater understanding for all. As you will soon discover, the truth of this noble belief is resoundingly evident during today’s fascinating and inspiring episode. Episode Highlights: · Apostle Hardin’s summaries of the passages and their significance for him · His experience of writing out the Torah and the Psalms · God’s settled speech · Letting go of opinion, bias, and paradigm to connect with God · Creating God in our image · The purpose behind writing out the Torah · Apostle Hardin’s ‘Moses-Joshua moment’ · ‘The curse of the Law’ · The development of his love of the Jewish people, teachings, and State · How slavery changed the day of the Sabbath celebration · Shabbat dinner · The lessons about humankind that Apostle Hardin has learned · Teaching people to think  Quotes: “The one kind of changed my life one day.” “With my hand I noticed it get to my heart more.” “The word ‘settled’ just got to me.” “There are no insignificant details in the Bible.” “Every time God speaks, it’s a settled speech.” “I’ll be Me through you, if you’ll allow Me.” “Stay out of opinion, bias, and paradigm when it comes to God’s Word.” “I can’t corner the market on God’s mind.” “The scripture breaths - it’s alive.” “It’s now time for you to arise. Just as I was with him, I will be with you.” “It really produces courage and strength.” “I am anxious to see the Torah come alive.” “When we decide we want to follow God and follow the Torah, the Law becomes very real to us.” “Everything about my upbringing is Jewish.” “It’s hard for you to separate Christian Black people from Jewish anything.” “When I grew up, we were in Church all day.” “That Sunday was spent deep in the scriptures.” “There’s more with you than there are against you.” “Once you free people to think…you’ll be surprised at the phenomenal people that are around you.” “If we had more thinkers, people would be more responsible, accountable, and powerful.”  

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